Intel Scalable Gen3 Gen4

The Intel Platinum 8300 Family of Processors are designed to handle challenging workloads such as real-time analytics, ML, and AI. This series can feature up to 8 CPU sockets and 40 cores per processor, depending on the model.
The Intel Gold 5300 Family of Processors specialize in cloud and network workloads with enhanced security, workload acceleration, and memory capabilities. They are compatible with up to 4 CPU sockets and can include 24 cores per processor.
The Intel Silver 4300 Family of Processors specialize in memory speed, power efficiency, security, and workload acceleration. This series supports up to 2 CPU sockets and features up to 20 cores per processor.

The Intel 4th Gen Xeon Scalable Processor family is classified into Max (9000), Platinum (8000), Gold (6000 and 5000), Silver (4000), and Bronze (3000) levels. Higher tiers can provide more advantages or capabilities (e.g. bigger SGX enclaves) than the lower tiers. Platinum processors are capable of running up to 8 sockets in a system, Gold can support 4, and Silver up to 2; however, these abilities are also dependent on the model. Truly, only the -H processors within the IMDB/Analytics/Virtualization Optimized bracket are capable of scaling beyond two sockets.